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my ocular api documentation

ocular statuses are used in many unofficial scratch projects. want to integrate them in your site? this documentation should help with that.

view status

endpoint: /api/user/:username

example response from

    "_id": "5fb91a89532f943b9046e3ba",
    "name": "jeffalo",
    "status": "hi am jeffalo",
    "color": "#0fbd8c",
    "admin": true,
    "meta": {
        "updated": "2020-12-06T11:25:32.124Z",
        "updatedBy": "jeffalo"

the parts that you should care about are status and color. other keys are not set in stone, and may break at any time.

note that my-ocular does not do anything special to filter html. while using on the web, do not set innerHTML directly!

update status

my-ocular offers only a method to get statuses, there is no way currently to update them.